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What is Naturism?

Naturism is the practice of going without clothes.​

Whatever you may think about people who do such a thing, it is not shameful, embarrassing or ridiculous, in fact when the weather is hot it's the sensible option - and great fun.

It's good for you, too - the human body was not designed to be completely wrapped up in clothes and subjected to artificial heat and light sources and air conditioning 24/7.  Millions of normal people have discovered how good it feels to have the sun and breeze on their skin and feel better, more relaxed, less self-conscious and de-stressed as a result.

Sunbathing and swimming are the most popular activities - there is nothing like an all-over tan, and swimming in the nude is bliss.  Swimming costumes are among the most uncomfortable, unhealthy and pointless items of clothing there are.

Naturism is also very sociable.  Naturists are happy, friendly people who are pleased to have discovered such a great way of being, and treat everyone with respect, and as equals.  Being among contented, comfortable and like-minded people brings about a sense of mental well-being and - despite what you may think - you quickly become used to being naked among other naked people.  Sounds impossible?  Even the most reluctant first-timers say how they "forgot" they were nude after only a few minutes, and stopped noticing that everyone else was too.  Also, simple nudity is not sexually stimulating - in naturist places you will find people doing what you see anywhere else, only without clothes.

We know that newcomers can be hesitant about stripping off in front of others for the first time.  Contrary to popular belief, no-one is ever forced to undress and so they can easily experience naturism first hand even if they are not sure it is for them - and get involved, or not, at their own pace.  Many naturists discovered naturism by accident - often on holiday - and soon realised what they were missing!

When the weather cools, naturists get dressed.  Naturist places usually have indoor and outdoor facilities and many are open all year round.

Anyone can be a naturist.  Background, age, shape, race, creed and colour are irrelevant and it attracts people from all walks of life.  At naturist places you will see babes in arms, children and teenagers, right up to the elderly.  There are thousands of naturist families - some into many generations - who find that they get on better with each other as they can all enjoy something together, and children brought up in naturism say how they grew up without the usual hang-ups about their bodies.
Simple public nudity in England, Wales and Scotland is legal


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